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Every day consumers have to decide what to eat. Increasingly, cooking inspiration is found online. Both in foodblog recipes and on brand websites. Thousands of recipes, and even more ingredients. 70% of the recipe traffic within the Netherlands is already utilising our technology: with only one click, all ingredients find their way into the online shopping basket. Your brand can be part of this journey.

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Give your brand priority in online shopping baskets

The Food Influencers that we collaborate with have millions of visitors that are searching for recipes. We translate the ingredients in these recipes to a shopping list. As Preferred Partner your brand will receive priority in this ingredient selection. In this way, your products automatically end up in the shopping basket. Would you like to address your target market at the most relevant moment in their consumer journey?

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- Recipe to Basket -

Add conversion to the recipe pages on your website

Do you know if your current website traffic converts to sales? Simply add our supermarket order buttons to your website and ensure that your recipe pages are instantly convertable. Our convenient dashboard provides insights into the performance of all recipes.

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- Product to Basket -

Add supermarket order buttons to your product pages

Just like the Recipe to Basket function, add your product to an online shopping basket with only one click. In this way you enable conversion from your product web page. In addition, we check the availability of products and show possible alternatives.

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- Campaign to Basket -

Increase the conversion of your omnichannel media campaigns

Add our Product to Basket functionality to the various touchpoints of your media campaigns. In this way you enable consumer conversion in various channels; from Social Media, to display banners, to busstop posters in the street. In addition, you can easily measure the effectiveness of your campaigns across various channels.

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